Wednesday, September 27

my weekend

had fun
Sat, flying with crew i have flown with
Kara had a trainee = Mitch
he is a BLAST
we had dinner in Atlanta together
Sun, we went to Austin
the FO had dinner with Kara & i
none of us wanted to go outside the hotel
we were too tired
back to the room
threaded beads on the yarn for the stocking
tues, i started knitting
wed i took the biaxin on an empty stomach
too early for breakfast = MISTAKE
got nauseous ... as we continued to fly
it worked it's way down
went to the PO
asked the guy behind the counter the same questions
i asked the UNHELPFUL woman on Fri
this time, i got answers
picked up a BIG box from Penny =MY Bottle Swap
luckily, got home in before the biaxin kicked up
went to bed
i suppose i SHOULD open the Bottle to see what Penny sent me
i feel like i need a nap
slept from about 4:40 PM yesterday till noon today
feel better
remembered to EAT first .. biaxin second
gotta shower & run errands

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