Friday, November 3

and so ..

Rose & i are gonna go walking
it's not quite 40 outside
so we mite just hit the fitness center in her
apt complex
gotta dry the clothes
not sure what to pack for
Herndon Va, Norfolk Va & Denver Co
guess i COULD go to to see
what the anticipated weather will be
i probably won't leave the hotels to do anything
will work out in the gyms
so, all i need will be work out clothes
taking Brayden's Stock & the yarn for Jameson's
i MITE be able to finish one & start the next
yeah, it COULD happen
get to Herndon around 5 on Sat
Norfolk about 6 on Sun
Denver about 5 on Mon
leave about 3
so, there is LOTS of treadmill & knitting time ahead
gotta get cleaned up to go walk with
looks like Sat it will be about 50 in Herndon
60 on Sat in Norfolk
mid 50 on Sun & Mon in Denver

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