Sunday, November 5


Ok, so it's 3:38 am
I am awake
I mite as well knit ...

When I showed up for work, I saw Denise
She was AMAZED at my weight loss ..
We worked together in August maybe
Michael & I had a BLAST on the plane
Denise & her crew came into Dulles about the same time as my crew .. So we all went to dinner
Afterwards, Denise & I hit the fitness room
1/2 hour on treadmill
Tried the eliptical, it's too fast .. Stair stepper was too stiff
I knit for about 1/2 till I fell asleep
NOW, I am awake
Suppose to get up in 2 hours
MITE as well knit

Here is what Brayden's stock looks like SO FAR

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