Sunday, November 12


Rose & I worked out the other day
when we joined the gym
now, when i laugh
my lower abs make me aware i used them
it's a good thing
i want the muscles to ache a little
it PROOVES they are being utilized
which means
they will firm up soon
having a BLAST on this weekend
working with a Different Rose
in Denver now
crashed about 10 PM Indy time
so i woke up about 7 AM Indy time
that translates to 5 AM in Denver
knit a while
checked e-mail
now i am gonna go hit the treadmill
will have to put in 2 hours since i didn't use it last nite after
pizza with Rose
there were 3 crews hanging out last nite
i was too tired to hang too late
i am on the gusset decreases
watched The ROCK in "Walking Tall" last nite while i
got thru the heel turn

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