Tuesday, November 7


so it's 6 am
8 AM in INDY
gonna hit the treadmill for a while
then i will finish the stocking
start # 3
i guess Brayden's WILL be navy
unless i use another green
had i kept a pic of Gracie's stocki on the cell,
i would have known i put the heel in the wrong direction
oh well
i think i will be OK for time
gotta exercise away the nachos i ate last night
the crew is FUN
we hung out last nite & got nachos
we head to the airport about 3 pm
i can knit on the van
couldn't last nite on the 55 minute trip
the interior lights didn't work
it SHOULD be light outside today
i get to sleep in MY bed tonite
i get to hang with knitters @ Strange Brew
then head to Peru
so, Stitches & Scones is on the way
Sat i come back to denver
Sun i go to Montreal for a VARY short stay
Mon nite i am in Cedar Rapids
home on Tues
mite go visit friends
off 15 - 22

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