Friday, November 10

OK .... :(

3 times to post a pic of Stock # 3
which will be for Jameson
for some UNKNOWN reason
blogger won't let me post it
i e-mail it
it gets lost in cyberspace
it will show up later
while i am away from the puter
all THREE times
when i shows up
you will get to see the MARVELOUS carpet in the kitchen
anyways ....
on Wed i went to visit a friend in Atlanta
i knit MOST of the day
finished stocking # 3
started the Purple Paton's for Paige before i went to bed
flew home on thurs
i can VISIT people
i KNOW how to use the flight bennies
gotta run errands
Rose & i are joining a gym
it will help me with weight control
who knows,
like in 2001
i will get SO addicted to working out
i stop knitting
oh yeah ..
i didn't loose anything lately
i didn't gain either
had Bean Pie in Atlanata on Thur
it's made from Navy Beans
it was Really Good
the food in the south is different than what
i am used to
getting hooked on SWEET TEA
ate at a Waffle House
there are none in Indiana
i LIKE Atlanta

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