Wednesday, January 23

Sox & Blockers

so, if my feet are cold
I am cold
so i started making hand knit sox
by now
i should have WAY TOO Many pairs
alot of them have shrunk
despite being superwash
so, i learned
i needed Sock Blockers
i have 3 or 4 pair of Chappy's
Cathy's DH started making replicas
of antique wood blockers so i bought a few pair
i can hang them up to dry
it takes an hour or so because of the holes
in the wood
i heard about plastic ones
they are $10 each
got 6 = 3 pair
i STILL have sox that need to dry
so i will have to get MORE sock blockers
since i ususally do a weeks worth of laundry at a time
gonna get wooden ones from Cathy
because they HANG better than the plastic ones
i COULD do laundry more often
but what's the fun in that??

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