Saturday, January 5

MY Harvest SOX!!

so, i had Nancy dye yarn for Carly's Harvest sock.
I had her dye a skein for me as well.
So i cast on a pair for me,
will send the leftover yarn & pattern to Carly ..
late again
.. update as of 12-17 ..
think i will run out of yarn,
Nancy will dye more in a solid color for heels & toes.
will put them aside till the yarn arrives,
then frog the 3 sox & re-knit the heel in the solid color,
foot in the multi & toes in the solid..
send leftover yarns ..
1-5-08 ..
afraid Nancy wouldn't have TIME to dye -
so i had her send me a solid ..
frogged MY sox to before the heel,
added a solid heel ..
ready to start the gusset decreases ..
NOTHING to do today but KNIT ....
the right way to start the NEW YEAR!!!!!

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