Wednesday, January 30

NEW project

in my mind
i see a Hat, Mittens & Scarf
so, since i have rediscovered yarn
i feel inclined to knit things i see in my head
i bought this yarn for a scarf
changed directions
so i STILL have the yarn
it's 4 strands of different colored yarn
all combined into one
Nancy thinks it's wool
she sold it to me QUITE a while ago
like a year or more
starting with an i-cord cast on
there is a tutorial online
cast on 3
they are the left needle
K F&B, K2 (right needle)
transfer 3 st to left needle
keep going till you have your # of stitches required
for your cast on PLUS 2
K2Tog, K2
slip them back
K2Tog, K2
you now have the number of stitches you need

NANCY has a different way
3 st i-cord for X rows (# of stitches required)
minus 3
pick up the stitches off the i-cord
joining as you start

so, using one of those techniques
i will start my hat
since i didn't know how many stitches i will need
i did a swatch
yeah, yeah ...
the DREADED swatch
so i now know how many stitches i will need for the hat
then i will progress to the mittens
then use the remaining yarn for a scarf

UNLESS i can find the black alpaca
then i can make a scarf for work
since i washed the baby monkey scarf & thru
it in the dryer
stupid thing SHRUNK!!!!!
i need a larger scarf

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