Wednesday, January 23


Halloween 2003 i retired
moved Dec 2003 to the trailer
Oct 2005 i moved to Indy
Dec 2005, stuff was put in the shed
Jan 2006, i moved to house in Indy
June 2007, stuff was packed & put into storage
July 2007 moved to Snellville
Oct 2007 moved to Stockbridge
Nov 2007 i moved to PTC
Dec 2007 stuff moved from Indy to garage in PTC
spent the last few days sorting thru - throwing away
giving away - packing BACK up & putting into storage
my back is killing me
called Nancy
she said to get Bayer Back & Body
i don't hurt anymore
1st load of laundry just finished
2 more to go
then i gotta pack
MOST of the knitting is in the storage locker
i do NOT want too much clutter in my room
i will have to get RID of more yarn
some will be gifted & ROAKed
some will be given to Sr Center
if i lived FIVE lifetimes
i won't use it all
listening to CD's while i work
i LOVE having MY music here
it' makes it HOME!!

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