Tuesday, January 15

Books to Read

for those of you that reading Knitting Related books
Monica Ferris has a NEW book outs
aw it in the bookstore
no i didn't get it
but i am REALLY thinkin' of buying all of them &
reading them in order
waiting to unpack ALL the boxes before
i buy any books
don't need duplicates
NEW Book is "Knitting Bones"
for a complete list starting with the CURRENT
Knitting Bones (Berkley/Prime Crime, December 2007)
Sins and Needles (Berkley/Prime Crime, 2006)
Embroidered Truths (Berkley/Prime Crime, 2005)
Crewel Yule (Berkley/Prime Crime Hardcover, October 2004)
Cutwork (Berkley/Prime Crime, January 2004)
Hanging by a Thread (Berkley/Prime Crime, January 2003)
A Murderous Yarn (Berkley/Prime Crime, March 2002)
Unraveled Sleeve (Berkley/Prime Crime, July 2001)
A Stitch in Time (Berkley/Prime Crime, July 2000)
Framed in Lace (Berkley/Prime Crime, November 1999)
Crewel World (Berkley/Prime Crime, March 1999)
i think i read the first 5
don't know which ones i own
will find out in a few days /week
when i sort thru boxes
will start them again once i finish the
"BAD HAIR" mysteries
got MOST of the Janet Evanovich - missing 13
so,i MAY read them first
i will start reading on the treadmill .. AGAIN!!!
i can read & walk for hours ...

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