Wednesday, January 2

the difference

in Indiana
we call it pop
in the south - it's a COKE
no matter what the can says
in Indiana & Ohio
October means get the car ready for winter
in Georgia, you think about it around Dec
in Indiana & Ohio
you use ANTIFREEZE!!!!
for the radiator
for the windshield wiper solution
for the gas tank
in Georgia
they have never seen these products
in Indiana / Ohio
in the winter
in our cars, we carry
Blankets, Extra drinking water
snow shovel, ice scraper
kitty litter / sand
our car trunks have OTHER stuff
JUST in case
they don't carry these things in Georgia
i LIKE Georgia
it's 14 degrees in Chicago
it's 41 degrees in Atlanta

1 comment:

The Gadabout Knitter said...

Lol! I actually own an ice scraper... and I live in Florida! :) Sadder yet is I've used it for what my cousin calls "frost".