Friday, January 11

didn't burn down the house

bought a chicken
remembered how to cut it up
cooked it
took the meat off the bones
next time i will buy thighs & breasts

forgot the garlic
bought chilis that weren't cut up

couldn't find the beans i wanted
so i substituted

can't tell what it smells like
my smeller is broken while i have
the ear issues
i CAN hear out of the right
left is blocked so stuff sound fuzzy

Pam said the chili smelled good
wasn't hungry
must be the meds

anyways .. i am goin' to bed now
IF i can sleep after takin' the meds

frogged Carly's sock
and put the "NEW" heel on
should be able to finish HER sock
then my SOX

the purse requires thinking
and paying attention to the graph

found a few mistakes
LEAVING them in ...

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