Sunday, January 13


the SAGA!!!
it all started when i joined the Harvest Sock Swap
i was to knit a sock for Carly
so, being me
i decided to have Nancy dye the yarn
but i wanted sox for MOI as well
so, she sent 2 skeins of yarn she dyed
i wound the yarn for Carly's sock
i developed a pattern
i knit Carly's sock
then i started my sox
after i was cruising down the foot
it became evident that there was a possibility
of running short of yarn
so i asked Nancy to dye more
it was getting into the holidays
and i was asked to knit for CPY
and i wanted the sox DONE!!!
so i had her send me a solid
i forgot to take pix before i started frogging
i frogged my sox to where the heel starts
put on a solid foot

still unsure about the yardage
frogged Carly's sock to where the heel starts
put on a NEW heel
re-knit the foot
put on a NEW toe

then i finished MINE
so, now the pattern & yarn & needles
are ready to travel north to Carly
with the completed sock
she won't mind the wait


Knit'inCrazee.... said...

Those socks are AWESOME! Love the heel and toe...

carly said...

Not at all! It's a stunning sock!