Wednesday, May 23


about the time the guys showed up at the gate yesterday
i thought i was about done with the bag
i missread the pattern
about 20 rows to go
then the shaping
so, i am about halfway
had i read the pattern correctly
i could have knit for the 30 minutes after
they got there before the plane did
i KNEW the FO
flew with him 2 or 3 times
thought i knew the Cpt
he said no, we haven't flown together
the FA said the same thing
inflight, i realized i have flown with the FA
on the shuttle back to the car
the Cpt i realized we HAD flown together
one leg in March when i got SSSOOO sick on the plane
and found out i had Bronchitis
they were a fun crew to fly with
2 days off
then i get to FLY again

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