Friday, December 14


so, the yarn is iffie
not sure there will be enuff
so i am having Nancy dye more
will frog to the heel on all 3
1 for swap partner
2 for me
when the new yarn arrives
use it for heels & toes
should be enuff yarn to finish the sox

not sure if i have too many stitches or what
oh well
gonna cast on the Panda Wool
in Teal Lake
knit the right Lime-Ade sock
then, figure out a name for the sock
and send it off to Crystal Palace
2 socks on the way
she has the patterns

soon, the patterns will available
on their website
in my head
already got a purse to felt
gonna use Iceland
and then i see Hat, Gloves & Scarf
probably out of Panda Wool
since there are LOTS of color choices

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