Saturday, December 29

since people KEEP asking

20+ years ago
a dr told me to to do the lemonade detox
since then
books have been written
i am NOT advicating this site
i didn't read the book
the book came out AFTER i had been on the detox a while
there are several variations
i drink 3 glasses a day / 1 quart
and follow it with 1 - 2 quarts of water
i don't fast
i simply drink the lemonade
it keeps me from drinkin' pop
or as they say in the south, soda
for variety
i mix Lemon, Limes or Key Limes
varies the flavor
keeps it more interesting
i just juice a BUNCH of lemons &/or limes
i use an electric citrus juicer (faster)
i use grade "A" pure Maple Syrup
because that is what Wal*Mart & Target sell
gotta go to the flea market to get grade "B" or "C"
it's on the list of things to do
so i have juice from lemons &/or limes
i add 1/2 as much maple syrup to the mix
2 TBL juice + 1 TBL maple syrup
i add it to 8 oz = 1 cup of water
i have 1 liter bottles that had
Mountain Dew / pop in them
add 9 Tbl of the mixture
add 3 cups of water
makes about 1 quart of lemonade
i drink 1 - 2 quarts daily
i also drink 1 - 2 quarts of water
for each quart of lemonade
it cuts the sugar, snack, pop cravings
i STILL eat
however, i don't eat anything FRIED or processed
i eat YOGURT & Veggies
if i am gonna be home
i add the cayenne pepper & drink a glass
do NOT add the cayenne pepper to the quart
of lemonade unless you plan to drink the whole
quart in under 20 mins
this is what I do
it's why the pants got too big
gotta start exercising again
it helps

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