Saturday, December 8

FUN at work

so the captain i started the trip with
is from Snellville
i think he is one of the few based in ATL
that lives in the area
we talked about things to do around there
he worked too much
so they switched captains
the replacement & i were talking
we went to the same high school in
Fort Wayne In - he was there 23 years after i was
had a BLAST working with Kathy
it was cold in White Plains / Stamford
it was KOLDER in Minneapolis
not much knitting this trip
hotel had a defective light by the bed
oh well
off for 3 days
gonna finish the Strawberry Creme Panda Silk sock
then, finish the Scarf
then knit a sock out of Maizey
gotta do laundry & repack
yeah . gonna enjoy the time off
it's 70 degrees outside
i will put on shoes & shorts & go for a walk

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Knit'inCrazee.... said...

You can send some of that heat to me here.......I'm missing it already!