Monday, December 17

THANK YOU ANDREA !!!!!!!!!!!

so today,
since i was sitting in my room
i heard the mailman up by the door
he came by around 3:30 with the mail
he returned about 4:15 ( i think)
went to see what he left
it was MY SCARF!!!!!
well .. judging from the return addy
Andrea in Switzerland has
been inquiring about IF i had
received it
i forgot to tell her the new snail mail addy
i THOUGHT i had
anyways ..
after i tore the paper off the box
i opened the box to find
and a post card from Switzerland
it's on the shelf with family photos
under the postcard are a few mini packages
wrapped in colored tissue paper
so, i took the packages out of the box
then unwrapped them

inside the tissue paper i found

2 skeins Froehlich sock ysrn
color 7469
a mini calendar of Switzerland
SEPT is my FAV month ( the picture)
a bar of Lindt chocolate
a Swiss Army Knife chocolate bar
Rosti - something to cook for breakfast tomoro
Weissella = cookies
a little bell from Zurich on a decorative key chain
a YUMMY scarf
it's light, airy, warm & fuzzy
it's 47 degrees out now
i have it wrapped around my throat
here is a pic of part of it
it's EXQUISITE!!!!!

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