Monday, December 3


took the scarf with me when i passengered
on a plane
woman started coughing
complained about a "cat" on the plane
didn't want to tell her it was probably the
Alpaca in my yarn
yeah .. it sheds

so watched Tin Man on SciFi tonite
scarf is about 1/2 knit
tomoro i gotta get the nails & hair done
sew a button on my uniform
pay bills
run errands
of course .. pack
then at 9 pm
watch the 2nd episode of Tin Man
should finish the scarf in Miami on tues nite
mail it on wed afternoon
got my SP11 package from my pal
wasn't home when it arrived
it was here when i got home
waiting for me
like a GOOD package
haven't opened it yet
headin' to bed
will try to open it before i head out
on tue mornin'

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