Saturday, December 8

tea coaster

so winter is tea drinking time
it's Dec so theoretically
it's winter in Atlanta
anyways ..
i drink lots of tea
bought a mug & lid @ Michaels
and another @ Barnes & Nobles
the problem is where to put the cup
needed a coaster
well ..
i was in wal*mart the other day
perusing the candle aisles
they have little glass plates
that go below candles
the smaller one works on the kitchen counter
to put the tea bag till i use it a 2nd time
the larger one goes below the mug
as a coaster to protect the desk or end table
they even had fancy ones
i am using a plain glass
it works
it cost less than a buck
works for me
surface is protected from heat & liquid
on to knitting
gonna finish the toe
take a walk outside where it's 74 degrees on Dec 8

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Knit'inCrazee.... said...

Well come on and tell us! What tea are you drinking this winter? Any new favorites????