Saturday, December 29

MY recipe for lemonade - given to me by a Dr around 1977

take lemons & / or limes
JUICE them
a Black & Decker electric makes it easier
buy grade "B" pure maple syrup if you can find it
"A" will work if you can't find "B"
it usually comes in 12 oz jars
i add 24 oz of lemon/lime juice & the 12 oz of Maple Syrup
together in a resealable container
shake the container
measure 3 TBL of mixture into a glass
add 1 cup (8 oz) water
evian is the best bottled, distilled is ok, spring is ok
add a pinch of cayenne pepper
drink within 15 minutes
follow with a glass of water
drink 2 - 4 glasses a day
with equal OR greater amount of water
i bought 1 liter pop bottles
PEPSI brand has wide mouths
drank it & kept the bottles
put the mixture in one to carry in my lunchbox
use a 2nd one to drink from MINUS the cayenne pepper
i put 9 TBL of the mixture in the bottle
used a Sharpie to mark where the mixture is
add 3 cups of water mark the top
now i fill the mixture to the line,
add water to the 2nd line shake it before you drink it
i drink 1 - 2 bottles of lemonade a day
and an equal (OR greater) amount of water
to FLUSH the system
i ONLY use the cayenne if i am drinking the
mixture in 15 - 20 minutes
the pepper gets HOT if you let it sit too long
HOPE this helps

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