Saturday, December 29


so, i have been doing this for a while
a Dr told me about it when i was
about 20 years old
back then, the health food store
was down the block from the grocery store
the health food store is STILL in the same location
the grocery store has closed
the Dr drank Distilled water
the "BOTTLED WATER" craze
hadn't started yet
if you are fasting
on about day 3 - 5 you will
feel like you have the flu
it's part of the detox proccess
drink MORE water to flush the toxins out
thought i bought 2 bottles of maple syrup
nope, only 1
so i am off to Kroger to get more syrup & 4 more lemons
and LAUNDRY detergent so i can
do laundry & pack to go tomoro
i COULD walk to Kroger
it's NOT that far
but, today i think i will drive
too lazy at 9:30 to walk that far

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