Sunday, December 23

Fun 2 day

the cpt lives near me
he gave me some
tips for places to hang with
an OVER "30" crowd
we fly together in about a month
Drina (FA) was fun to fly with
Chris (FO) & i fly together
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
when we got to Houston
it was about 75 degrees
last nite
when we got up to fly this morning
it was KOLD!!!!
had to wear a sweater
there was an AWESOME sunrise
even tho it was a Rainy Day in Georgia
the skies were BEAUTIFUL
but, when we got to Chicago
it was FRIGID & snowing
glad we were only there for about 45 minutes
fly tomoro early
laundry is in
gotta work on the singlet
why is it more fun to knit a PAIR of sox ??
think i will watch Pirates of the Caribean

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