Monday, December 3

SP!1 - Lani is the GREATEST!!!!

she stalked me GOOD!!
she knows i want to go to Ireland
check out the heritage
she knows i like pumpkin candles
well ...
so what was i gifted with
when i opened the box
the postcard from the Aran Islands
it said hope you enjoy the Irish Themed Package
and i DO!!!
in side were severl wrapped parcels
some in green
some in white
i received 2 skeins of SHI BUI
never heard of it before
can't wait to knit sox
the color reminds her Irish Parks in the summertime
she spun some yarn for me in green
i LOVE it
it came from the etcy store @
will have to check it out

there is a bar of Sea Salt Spa Bar
scented n Springtime in Ireland
a lucky charm
there is a silky green bag
and LAST
a Penannular
it's like a shawl pin
can be used to hold kilts shut
if i ever get a kilt
her blog is
yes, i checked it out
i LOVE them all

1 comment:

The Gadabout Knitter said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you like everything! (And that everything made it there in one piece!