Monday, October 30


had a BLAST flying with Karen

got to work out on the treadmill
in Atlanta & Austin - 1 time each place

lost the basic info i wrote down

used the one in Atlanta for an hour
watched the rain come down
Duran Duran is GREAT to walk to

in Austin
it was Shania Twain
looking at the rowing competition on the river
then, after 1 hour on the treadmill
i put on clothes & walked downtown
to Quiznos to get a salad
somehow when i enjoy walking outside in
fresh air, sunshine & a view
it doesn't seem like exercise
the walk to the BAT BRIDGE seemed
faster & easier
i must be getting into better shape

didn't walk yesterday
so will make up for it today

gotta fix TWO nails re-polish them ALL
wonder IF i can get away with ORANGE for Halloween
i COULD use glow-in-the-dark
NO on would know until about the LAST flight coming home on Wed

probably should do the toes
but not sure i will have time

laundry is done
gotta re-pack

Rose & I will go walk tonite
but i STILL need to walk for yesterday
gotta go buy ice-cube trays & yogurt to take for 2 days

didn't knit much
on the heel - not quite ready for the turn
AFTER treadmill time in Atlanta
i will have knitting time tomoro AND we morning before i come home

gotta be @ the airport @ 7:30 AM tomoro
in Atlanta by 4:30

all the CUTIE gate agents are supposed to be in "B South"
some of them will be dressed up for Halloween
hopin' we come IN on "B South"

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