Friday, October 20

time for me to FLY

ok so i AM packed
i was packed @ 8PM last nite

i broke the thumb & middle fingernail
and when i went to soak off the silk from the middle finger,
i stuck the ring finger in & messed up the polish

i have to FIX 2 nails & polish 3
the color is MY FAV
Pompei Purple
da toes are Kinky in Helsinky

maybe i SHOULD have put
"I am Not a Waitress" on the toes
and "I don't DO Dishes" on the hands ..
i 'spose i can do that NEXT time

gotta cut up & bag the squash, broccoli & peppers
cut up & ream the lemons & limes & make lemon/lime ade

after i made ALL the pockets
i started the bag
well ...
i RAN out of yarn
thought i had 2 more skeins of ONYX
so, the bag is on hold
it will be TOOOOOO big to make a pop tab purse
so, i will re-think what the "ULTIMATE" bag will look like
i could use other colors
it will PROBABLY be too big to carry @ work
so COLORS would be GREAT
i COULD just add them to the INDIANA KNITTING BAG
too early to make a desicion

i started Gracies stocking the other day
i broke the yarn & added beads
i am making progress
grabbed the yarn for Brayden's JUST in case
who knows
i MITE get thru the stocking for Gracie while i am sitting in
ATL on Sunday & Sunday nite in the hotel
gotta fix the nails
get the lunchbox ready to go
eat breakfast
having lunch in ATL with a friend about 4PM
if i get everything done & i have time
i can KNIT !!!!!!!

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