Monday, October 2

so, i went to JoAnn

with the intention of buying PINK Licorice

they have a FALL color

so, i bought it instead
think i need 7 so i bought 8

i am on the 4th wedge

got the idea to knit swatches of yarn
in FALL leave colors

gonna borrow leaves from trees
outline them
use them as guides
after the swatches are felted
cut out leaves
attach the leaves to the bag
send it south to a neice
that way SHE can enjoy
the fall colors daily
since the My Bagatelle pattern didn't arrive
i will need something to knit while i am gone
i mite buy more pink yarn & finish the pink purse
they had a RED variety
and a GREEN
either would look good with FALL leaves
send it to the OTHER neice in Fla
oh yeah ..
JoAnn had a few other yarns
that would possibly felt
i can use them as leaves
went to Target to buy a few bins to corral the yarn
didn't realize i had so many types
each type should have it's OWN bin
mite take a month to get more bins
one side of the room is Feltable
the other side is NON-feltable
anyways ..
laundry s done
i am NOT packed
can do it tomoro
gonna go out with a friend

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