Friday, October 13


it's 34 degrees outside
WHERE are the gloves, hat & scarf i knit LAST year
guess i will put another set on the list of things to make
Sue Roth wanted the pattern to some mittens i knit
IF i can find the mittens
i can figure the pattern send it to her
ITMT .. i have TEN skeins of Noro
wonder if i can find something to match
then i can make a purse to match
wonder IF Big Kureyon comes in colors to match Kureyon
then a hat, mittens & scarf could be knit in Kureyon
& a purse in BIG Kureyon
wonder IF i ccould find colors i Galway,
Cascade 220 OR Naturespun to match the colors in the
Kureyon # 130 i have
will have to figure out a pattern that will ACCENTUATE the
colors in the Kureyon ..
i could do Enterlac
i ould do Mitered Squares
then i will probably have to BUY a coat for them to go with
don't know IF the coat i bought last year will clash or coordinate
wonder IF it will fit
'spose i could LOOK for the coat as well ..
think i will NEED to wear it today
as i run errands
i could wear the fleece jacket i got
it Salt Lake City about a year ago
on the gusset for the short row purse
need to finish the gusset & the strap
then i can FELT it today
: )
it can dry while i am in Austin
gonna put Oak Leaves & Acorns on it from My Bagatelle
then i will do the retro bag in same color & oak leaves with acorns
not gonna put a flap on it
send them to my neices in Florida,
so they can enjoy the FALL colors
that i see when i am at home
misplaced the pattern for the stockings
they would be EASIER to knit
'specially while i sit in between planes
gotta move IF i am to get anything done today

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