Saturday, October 14

an idea

i have Noro = WORSTED weight
i want to make GLOVES out of it
to match the hat & scarf i will make
on someone's blog i read
use a kids glove pattern that is
knit in DK/sport
use the worsted & proper needles to get gauge
you will end up with adult gloves
so, look @ the CO # for the fingerless gloves
that use worsted ..
also get needle size
find a KIDS pattern that uses same basic
an adult glove out of worsted weight yarn
taking 2 stocks & the pockets -> purse to knit
will have about 5 hours today
???? Sun & Mon
2 hours on Tues before i get home
happy knitting
gonna enjoy the WARM weather in Austin
got shoes & socks packed for walking outdoors
been home a week
haven't lost any weight ..
haven't gained
no, i am NOT packed & i leave in 1 hour
laundry IS done
gotta pack food to eat
there IS a fridge in Austin
YIPPY SKIPPY i have SOME control of
my food intake this weekend

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DebVA said...

I can relate to the teens, I have several pairs of Target's flannel bunny. Will soon be 50 & my grandkids love when we all put them on for "Movie Night at Memaws".