Monday, October 9

things to do today

so, as i am getting ready to run errands
i realize ...
i NEED to adjust the roots

my nails are too long
it's time to soak the acrylic off & apply silk nails
mine have GROWN out

i hafta find smallish buttons for the stocking
gonna hafta make a carrot for the nose
after i finish the stocking
i need to prepare it & mail it

i SHOULD start laundry & re-pack
NEED pantyhose

want to collect leaves before
they ALL fall on the ground
then will try to copy them
in needlefelting OR knitting
to adorn the FALL bag for the neices
that live down south & are DEPRIVED
of Fall Foilage

not quite 1/2 way done with the
S-cord on the Indiana Knitting bag
i WANT to finish this so i can felt it
AND use the yarn

have to pack up the Tote Exchange bag to mail
i hope it is FINALLY dry

HOPIN' the yarn for the stock & sox kits gets here
so i can MAIL them

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