Tuesday, October 24

GREAT OVERNITE - sucky trip

GREAT time off the plane
wish i could say the same on the plane
i survived ... barely
right ear was buggin' me again
it's the short trips
the ZOO was great
beautiful weather
fresh air
the walking didn't FEEL like exercise
GREAT company
got to go to the "DWARF HOUSE"
it started as the Dwarf Grill
became the Dwarf House
became Chick-fil-a
glad to be home
i fly again with "IRISH" on thur
we have a long overnite in Austin
i can't WAIT to fly with her again
laundry is in the dryer
didn't get much knitting on Gracie's Stocking
almost ready to start the heel
gotta go to the Post Office and
mail something to Nancy
mailing pop tabs to Chris
hopin' to pick up my Bag from Ang
after a restless nite
i feel like i could use a nap
JUST kidding
i could use FOOD

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