Wednesday, October 18

so ... THIS weekend

Beverly was a BLAST to work with
when we got to Austin on Sun
we worked out & then walked outside
had dinner downtown
Mon, we went walking first
stopped in a little gift shop
picked up something for my Bottle Swap Partner
haven't gotten the partner's info
so, made it generic
started Gracie's Stocking on Sun
forgot to CALL her to wish her a Happy 2 yr Birthday
will call in a few
worked on the pockets
need to take laundry from washer to dryer
want to polish my toe-nails
NEED to fix the fingernails
broke SIX trying to open the closet door on the plane on Tues
want to finish the sun glass pocket and start the purse
IF i don't take a nap
i COULD be felting tomoro
didn't make it to the PO to mail the
bag OR stock
will do it tomoro

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