Sunday, October 8


OK so i took the 2 swatches

cut the name of the recipient out of the fingering weight

since i forgot to buy buttons for the face & down the front

i will have to wait to finish assembly

the arms are i-cord i forgot to felt

since it's going to a knitter

she is knitting her scarf as she wears it

the hat is done

again, once i put buttons on the front

i can put the hat on

the worsted swatch became the year


It FELTED & SHRANK !!!!!!!

forgot to measure before AND after

the texture is interesting on the inside

heading to bed so tomoro morning i can

go buy buttons & finish this stocking

i SHOULD start a Munchkin stock

i mite start a purse liner for MOI!!

then, after it is felted

i can make a POP-TOP purse

OR ... i can finish the S-cord on the knitting bag

since it is TTTTTTOOOOO big to travel

will probably be taking the FALL bag to work on

this weekend

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