Friday, October 13

cold weather is HERE

so, i am thinkin'
with the TEN skeins of
NORO Kureyon # 130 that i have
i should make a hat, mittens & scarf
in March 2005 i made a hat & matching mittens
with Kureyon & Shinano
but this time, will ONLY use the Kureyon

on March 24 & 25, 2005
i made a Spiral Rib Hat
Bought the yarn during BloomieFest
Thanks Sue Carrier
NOW Sue Roth
for helping me pick the colors
Noro Kureyon # 131 & Shinano # 1
Thanks Debbie Barisa
for suggesting the Spiral Rib
as always, i adjusted it

i made mittens to match

finished March 29, 2005

also out of Noro Kureyon # 131

& Shinano # 1

top of mitten spiral into the palm

palm is stockinette

don't think i wrote the pattern down,

but have had SEVERAL requests for the pattern

now that it is gettting cold AGAIN

i mite make another pair

IF i do, i will write down & share the pattern

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