Friday, October 13

can't beleive it

went to Target to get panty hose
for SOME silly reason,
wally world never has the brand in MY size & color
like i said,
i went to Target
found a wallet
and rainX things to clean
the car windows
inside AND out
as i was heading to checkout
i saw a kid running thru the store in a flannel footed sleeper
i probably would NOT have batted an eye
but the kid was HighSchool aged
his buddies were taking pix with their
cell phones to show at school on Mon
i laughed so hard
i forgot where i parked
& had to wander the parking lot
i will remember the show tomoro when i have passengers
so that i have a BIG smile on my face
ya gotta LOVE 'em
gotta finish laundry & pack
got a headache
NEED a nap

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