Monday, October 2

the bag...

i got side one done
it's smaller than i had hoped ..
wonder how it will felt ??
Caron Felt-It ..
have enuff to frog & refigure the stitches
then i can do the same bag (as written) single stranded
for mommie & daughter purses
the one that is 1/2 done will probably be too small for the neice
since it hasn't been felted & it's smallish NOW

better to frog & reknit with MORE stitches

i was getting ready to start knitting
need to do laundry
stuck #13 circ in the pocket of the shirt i was wearing
as i was walking thru the kitchen
i made a cup of tea & decided i was hungry
needed food
when the washer stopped, i changed loads
went into the bathroom to hang socks & t-shirts
LOST the circ!!
t's NOT in the washer OR dryer
can't find it in the kitchen OR bathroom
this is a sign that i NEED to make the purse bigger

i cast on with the leftover licorice i have
using # 15 & cast on 29 stitches
i LIKE it
now to find the rest of the yarn
know i have 2 or 3 skeins
think i will need 5 (to be safe)then
after it is done
will look for cascade / galway in
hot pink pink, purple
make i-cord flowers to Jazz it Up

anyways .. got errands
hopin' the my bagatelle embelishment pattern
is in the mailbox
then i can figure the # i need for a stocking
if not
i can work on the Licorice bag
the yarn was in a corner of the living room
have 2 more skeins
will buy 3 more - use a 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon
it's an easy pattern
licorice is bulky weight
it does NOT need to be dble
knitting is good to go with me as i run errands

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