Wednesday, October 25

so .. the day is 1/2 over

been drinking tea as i work on my nails
thanks Ang ..
i REALLY like the cranberry - apple
gonna hafta knit & felt a bowl to hold the potpourri
used an inferior glue & the tips popped
so, i after 7 of them popped off
i soaked the other 3 off
then i reapplied the nails
toes are "I'm Not Really a Waitress"
the fingers are " I DON'T DO DISHES"
i forgot to buy ice cube trays
need ice to fill the ice-bags for the lunchbag
anyways ..
i bought eggs & fat free mayo to make tuna salad
NEED ice to keep it cold
bought 2 times the zucchinin & yellow squash
bought MORE Dan Active & Activa
also bought PLAIN NON-FAT yogurt to eat
it's NOT like i need the flavor & sugar
these appear to have the same cultures in them
bought more lemons & limes
need 2 times the lemon-lime ade
ran out on day 3
so, now i gotta finish packing the bag
went to to find out the weather
in Austin & Atlanta
currently 50 in Atlanta
low Thur nite s'posed to be 50
basically the same Sat nite
Fri nite - Sat ..
'sposed to be around 70 while i am out wandering Austin
so, pack jeans & fleece jacket for Atlanta
shorts & t-shirt for Austin
gotta pack the lunch as well
IF all goes well
i can be packed & ready to go by 5PM
then i can KNIT
mite be able to finish Gracie's Stockig tonite
start Braydens tomoro
theoretically ..
that would be FABULOUS!!!!

1 comment:

Ang W. said...

Glad to hear you liked the tea! =-)

I am not a Bigilow fan, too bitter, but it sound like a a good one and went with a fall theme I was shooting for. All but the wipes which can always be handy.

My ds 13 bought some of the Pumpkin Seeds and said they are not as good as home made ones. So be warned.

Great job on dropping the weight!
I had lost 7.5 as of last weigh in. We can do this!